Thursday, 22 May 2008

Job is Just a Tool

If you read 5 Reasons Why You Need to Find Another Job, you will understand why you need to start looking for other jobs now. Sometimes, when we are too comfortable with our present job and company, we somehow forget there is this big giant inside our own self waiting to be awakened.

Job is Just a Tool.

Just like money, job is just a tool that shapes up your career. Job gives you money, which in turns allows you to pay your bills and buy dough for your stomach. But job itself is merely a short term solution to a long term need. While your job may come with a great basic salary and irresistible perks and benefits, those rewards will mean nothing when you start hating your jobs.

When job satisfaction is no longer at its accorded place, suddenly, great compensation and benefits such as petrol allowance and maintenance allowance become inadequate. Often times, it means nothing. Does that sound familiar to you? It leads to many cases of people leaving jobs without any job offer in hand.

Do Not Be Afraid to Lose Your Job.

For many people, losing their job is the worst nightmare they can face. If leaving a comfortable job means you will struggle to achieve a better life, career and financial freedom, by all means, just do it. Just like the Nike motto, “Just Do It"

Sometimes we are more afraid at those negative thoughts instilled by negative people into our mind than our fear of our own capability. We are worried to be labeled ‘losers’, ‘dream chasers’ and so on.

“I have done this before 6 years ago and I failed miserably.”

“What, you are thinking of starting your own practice? Don’t be such a fool. You have a fantastic job with a fantastic company now. Don’t ruin it.”

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you when you fail later.”

“Didn’t I tell you so, before?”

These are some words that eventually convinced us not to start doing anything.

Aim for the Stars

When Robert Kiyosaki left his job as a salesperson for Xerox Corporation, he was one of the top salesmen in the company. When he first joined the company 5 years before that, he found himself always in the thin line of being fired from the job due to poor sales record.

He wanted to leave because he wanted to start business, and find early financial independence. When he was picking up his last cheque in his last day, half of his mind were saying this he was crazy to leave a great such a great job and when he was walking past the exit door, he overheard one of his colleagues saying to another, “He is not going to make it.”He was literally trembling with fear.

Eventually, the business allows him to reach financial independence before reaching the age of 50. By that time, most likely the colleague that said he was doomed to fail was still on the same job and earning perhaps only small increment from his previous day time job.

Think about it

Original SourceBy: Zulkifli Musa


MALANG said...

betul laa company ni..

Dalam setahun, 11 bulan aku perform dari segi audit and sales... 1 bulan audit meletup.. terus kene buang!! tak de sape ingat jasa aku!! MALANG atau company ni yang memang macam ni?!!

Anonymous said...

aku dah cakap.. company memang mcm ni.. ini adalah salah satu komplot untuk meng'alien'kan staff lama. kalau tak kene buang.. demote! itu je yang aku tau..

aku dengar.. ada om bakal di DI tak lama lagi or tgh di DI... aku dengar je laa.. tak sure pun info ni..jgn saman lak.. ini yang aku dengar ok.. peace!

kak ramlah ram said...

akak dah selamat dah lari dari 7e ini.. minta maaf laa ye.. bukan aka tak suka keje kat sini, tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan.

akak pegi pun sebab keje yang akak apply dari jobstreet ni offer lebih RM800 je.. jadi lah.. dapat jugak mengcover akibat minyak serta persediaan bg inflasi yg hangat meningkat dari hari ke hari..

kepada semua rakan akak.. di harap anda semua bersabar bebanyak. dengar minyak u all pun company tak review.. gaji tu akak dengar tahun 2010 baru review. tu pun setelah QJH berambus kot.. hehe jgn marah akak ye.. dah rezeki akak sampai sini je..


Anonymous said...